go beyond techniques & develop fundamentals needed to excel in business investing

Empowering improved risk/return with simple/effective techniques & skills

  •  Invest with purpose & conviction. 
  • Follow the principles of all successful investors in history.  
  • Bus. analysis & valuation

Wonder how Warren Buffett knows a good deal when he sees it?

Nearly all investors are business owners and all business owners are investors. Yet there is a huge difference between managing a diversified portfolio and managing individual business investments.  We teach individual business analysis. Let us partner with you & improve your investing skills, abilities, & confidence. 

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This is how we help businesses and investors

Increase confidence and focus


Make better decisions and get better results from investing efforts. Learn to perform fundamental business analysis and technical chart analysis like the pro's. 

Interactive Coaching style


I offer structured classes or interactive coaching for any experience level. I don't teach canned techniques. I teach fundamentals learned in business school and strategies that have worked for several successful investors in different styles of investing. I teach what can be understood & implemented and then hold your hand through the process.  I don't just teach investing, I help you find your natural advantages (core competencies) over other investors. 

For Business Owners - valuations and performance monitoring/improvement


Need help with valuing your business for sale, acquisition, divesting a division, loan collateral, or any other reason? I can value your business intrinsically (fundamentally) as well as relatively (market based) along with a thorough swot analysis and negotiation assistance.

I can also help monitor and improve performance ratios over time which will increase the value of the business.

Popular finance packages

Strictly Financial


Grow your wealth

Debt elimination

Building inheritance/legacy 

add more stress free vacations to your life



Cash management

Project analysis

Risk/Return trade-offs


Performance monitoring and improvement

Custom packages


Take the lead and Design your own investment strategy with me. 

Increased Skills & Confidence

Our purpose

Superior risk management and optimizing returns is our purpose for both investors and business owners. Risk is always minimized, not diversified and forgotten. Focused-Investing is the culmination of many years of studying the most successful businesses and investors in history in order to identify  common success factors that can be easily mastered by everyday people with a little effort. We demystify business and stock investing so anyone can understand it.


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