"It’s been a pleasure working with Mike! He has a wealth of knowledge in finance and investing and although I am very novice to this field he was able to level down to my level, explaining terms I was unfamiliar with. While finance can seem monotonous and complicated his style of teaching is very easy to follow. Thank you!  


 "Mike has a very powerful and unique way of approaching finances that really makes you think. He is, without a doubt, very knowledgeable in this area and I have had the privilege of experiencing some of his classes. There are a number of excellent takeaways and new bit of information I hadn't ever considered each time I go through a course." 

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Have you ever wondered how Warren Buffett knows a good deal when he sees it? Are you ready to start understanding business and investing? While I talk a lot about investing, I'm nothing like a financial planner! Not even close. I don't deal in abstract terms, portfolios, and average returns. I deal in individual business analysis and being above average whether its understanding things at a deeper level or generating higher returns with less risk. If you are a business owner you are an investor and you should learn to think like one. If you are an investor in stocks, you are a business owner and you should learn to think like one. I am here to help, please email me with any questions at thomasmbarnard@focused-investing.com 



Professional Experience

Resilience and Hard work pays off - Worked full time + active member of TN National Guard + Full time student + Raising a family 

Cost Accounting - Reconciled numerous accounts, including foreign accounts, and tracked costs.

Trading/research -  All investments sold in 2018 beat the market by 3x or more.

Savings Goals?

Helped a client formulate a savings strategy and track progress for a large savings goal. 

Use investments to pay off debt faster and/or fund vacations

Investment Clubs

Focused-Investing is about investing with purpose. We never invest in anything without 100% conviction and 100% knowledge of risk/return. Focused-Investing teaches the principles followed by all successful investors throughout history. We are demystifying investments for average people. 

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