Course benefits

2-hour intro course


1) Unlearn harmful myths

2) Learn what is important and what is not

3) Gain a sense of direction and general understanding

5) Learn how to spot a scam, or an over-hyped stock. 

6) Learn the Focused-Investing philosophy basics – which are based on risk adjusted return, not just return (meaning we don’t shoot for huge gains, we shoot for consistent profits and minimize losses) and building confidence through practice.

4-hour in depth course


1) Master a specific topic (choose 

a. Economics and industry analysis, 

b. Balance sheet and Income statements (fundamentals and valuation), or 

c. Charts and risk reduction techniques

2) Gain an in-depth perspective and the powerful skill of one of these topics and be ahead of the competition in that area. This information can also be used in daily life, to prepare for an interview, decide which company to work for, and how to make general decisions and when/why to reverse those decisions.

3-month coaching program


1) Access all three courses over a 3-month period. 

2) Access to virtual trading competition with the group and instructor.

3) Access to a closed Facebook group with questions answered daily. 

4) Because the course spans 3 months, you can see how you progress after each course, with each one building on previous knowledge.

5) Customized, personal attention, and nothing to lose because of money-back guarantee.

6) The greatest value in the industry, the most personalized and one on one time available. Possibly the only program of its kind that offers 100% money back guarantee. So you get a better value, more useful knowledge, more personal service with ability to ask questions in class and in person as well as daily on Facebook. 

7) Drastically increased confidence and ability to invest successfully. Not only do you have a money back guarantee, but you will be able to earn the money invested in this class back through your new knowledge and skills. 

8) Take an extra vacation each year, retire earlier, invest for weekend spending money. Invest with low risk for higher return. As you gain understanding, ability, experience and confidence through practice, you will get better and you could easily find that you are making twice or three times the market return.

Confidence is key


There are several seminars/courses that offer to teach some simple techniques that will produce large gains. The problem with these services is that they do not really teach. They offer insights about observations. If an investor sees a pattern but does not understand that pattern, it is risky to trade on that pattern. The pattern could stop working or reverse and result in large losses.

My courses are designed to help you increase your understanding of business, the stock market, and your confidence. Confidence is key to investing successfully because to be a successful investor requires that you make your own decisions and ignore the noise/media. It requires emotional resolve. You will gain confidence by increasing your business acumen, trading live markets safely by using virtual accounts, learning to trade real money with low risk, and practicing.

Confidence is key to success. What is key to gaining confidence? Practice and CONSISTENT positive returns and limiting losses. My goal is to increase your knowledge, understanding, and risk adjusted performance. If you focus on understanding business and building confidence, you will become a better investor! You must learn to walk before you can run. This is not a get rich quick scheme. It is designed to teach you to be better at business and investing forever, in any market condition, in any situation (starting or buying a business, selling a business, interviewing for a job, making daily financial decisions, etc.). 

Over time you will build instincts based on experience and when you become highly skilled, you should always listen to your intuition and instincts (your subconscious mind notices more than your conscious mind). Successful investors do not look to others for approval or confirmation of being correct. You will learn to make decisions independent of others and to not be influenced by their opinions or emotions.